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Tuesday 31 March 2015 (week 1 day 2) | email | e-learning

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Aniversary Concert

'We would be delighted for you to join us at our Anniversary Concert at 7.30pm on 27th April at the RNCM. Tickets are available from Student Services; we look forward to seeing you there.'

Solar Eclipse!

Not as spectacular as we all hoped but, nevertheless, a special moment for everyone. Students in science and associated lessons were able to don protective glasses to view the event in safety. Mr Richardson, our school photographer, took these memorable photographs, although the sky was not as dark as appears in the photos. A great opportunity for practical science and Mr Johnson, Head of Science, and his colleagues, will have appreciated the event just as much as the students. I’m sure that there will be interesting follow up work in science lessons. For everyone else, though, it was business as usual in classrooms across the school.

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The School At Work

Now mid-way through the second term of the school year, it is important for students in all subjects to continue to try their best and work to maximum capacity. Whether, as the above photographs illustrate, the subjects are physical education, electronics, science or English, a positive attitude towards study is essential. Equally important is the consolidation work - homework - that is a key element of most subjects. On average, students should have two pieces of homework each evening and about half an hour should be spent on each piece. If parents have any concerns about homework - too little or too much - please let us know. Homework details should be recorded in students’ planners.

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Two Contrasting Activities

The photographs top left and bottom right show Milard Mohammed and Samuel Johnson in receipt of their Manchester and Salford Ogden Trust Science certificates for physics, plus £15 vouchers. Prizes are awarded each term for being “outstanding” physics students. The photographs alongside show that the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme season has now begun in earnest. Candidates for the Bronze Award attended a residential training weekend at High Ash Outdoor Centre near Buxton. Despite the muddy conditions, the Trinity students excelled at navigation, camp crafts, first aid and emergency training.

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Forthcoming Events