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Saturday 21 January 2017 (Next week will be week 2) | email | e-learning

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Important Message From The Head


International Links

Last week, nineteen teachers from China, together with their organisers, spent a day in Trinity touring the school, taking part in lessons and generally sampling life in an urban school. Two photographs, above, show our visitors in the company of Ms Katy Walker, our International Links Coordinator and our Head of Modern Languages, Ms Cecile Jones. Elsewhere, last week, students returned to lessons and it was back to work for everyone, as the other photographs, above, show. Good luck to everyone for a successful 2017.

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A Busy Christmas Week

The new term began for students on Monday, 9th January, 2017, with the usual five pieces of advice about achieving success at Trinity. Looking back to the final week of term, however, our very well attended Carol Service was held at Manchester Cathedral, the Christmas Eucharist was led by the Bishop of Middleton, our whole school act of worship was held in the sports hall and, equally important for many boys and girls, we had two servings of the Christmas lunch in the Greer canteen. Please find inside, and above, a number of photographs, illustrating these successful events.


The Meaning Of Christmas

Last week, Year 7, 8 and 9 students attended a school production by the Christian “In Yer Face” group. The play, entitled “The Queen’s Speech”, had a number of scenes, each one focusing on ways in which individuals and groups perceive Christmas. Towards the end, all the ideas were brought together and the true meaning of Christmas - the birth of Jesus - was reinforced. A very commendable production, one that not only entertained but made the boys and girls in the audience think about how, in modern society, aspects of Christmas have been commercialised and misinterpreted.


Christmas Is Coming

…...and Christmas trees are sprouting up all around Trinity! The school’s two main trees are to be found in the student reception and the hall. There are department based trees and, for the first time, a Sixth Form tree. Particularly innovative and, shown above, is the chemistry tree, or “chemistree”, on display in the science department. Well done to science technician, Mrs Mellor, for her creative contribution to Christmas at Trinity. Just one week of school to go, now, but lessons and work continues as normal. If this was not the case, there wouldn’t be much point in being at school, would there?


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