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Thursday 30 October 2014 (School reopens for pupils on Monday 3 November) | email | e-learning

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The Importance Of Reading

A Photo of the Assembly

LRB Manager, Mr Richardson, writes:

“The ability to read, write well and communicate effectively can be a very influential factor in person's success. As with any skill, practice is key, and reading makes very good practice.

For this reason, when students join us in Year 7 they follow an accelerated reader programme which encourages them to read for pleasure.

The framework offers them a structure and incentives to improve their literacy skills while earning rewards and being kept informed of their progress.

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Developing Your Talents To The Full

A Photo of the Assembly

Whether, as the above photographs show, you’re fairly new to the school in Year 7, starting GCSE courses in Year 10 or studying in Years 8, 9 or 11, the opportunity and challenge this year, as always, is to use your God given talents to the full.

These talents may be academic, artistic, creative, linguistic, musical, mathematical, scientific or sporting, and they have been given to you for a purpose.

Wherever your talents lie, make sure you use your “five bags of gold to the full” and that you don’t bury “one bag of gold” in the ground.

If this doesn’t quite make sense, then read Matthew, chapter 25, verses 14-30 and all will be revealed.

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The Importance Of Homework

A Photo of the Homework Club

Every week we have a “reminder” to students, and this week it has been the value of homework.

On average, each student should have two pieces of homework set every day and half an hour should be spent on each piece. Students should make summary notes of homework tasks in the homework diary section of their Planner and we ask that parents sign the Planner each week. The Planner will also be countersigned by the form tutor.

If parents have any concerns about homework - too much or too little - please contact the school.

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The Bug Hotel Project

A Photo of the Project

Design technology lessons with a difference! Year 7 students are currently developing their woodworking skills by making useful additions for the garden - bug hotels.

Measuring, cutting, assembling and positioning have to be very carefully thought out in order to construct the ideal environment to attract garden bugs.

Different types of wood, layered with spaces are carefully placed into each compartment to create the ideal living conditions for bugs.

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