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Friday 6 March 2015 (week 1 day 5) | email | e-learning

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A New Half Term

The February half term marks the half way point in the school year. This week, students in all year groups were reminded about their conduct in the community; the importance of not loitering on street corners, nor speaking or behaving in an unacceptable or anti-social way. The importance, also of walking “in the light” was emphasised in the words of the hymn ‘The Spirit Lives’ and two highly significant Biblical references:

“A good reputation is more desirable than great wealth” Proverbs 22:1

“A good name is sweeter that the finest ointment.” Ecclesiastes 7:1

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Sixth Form Development

The above photographs show the ongoing construction work which, at the moment, is establishing the foundations of the building, followed by a process known as “piling”; reinforced concrete being laidto establish column foundations. Last Friday, I met with Year 9 and Year 10 representatives of the Student Council in order to discuss issues such as subjects to be offered, code of dress, attendance and lunchtimes. The students spoke extremely well and made valid suggestions, many of which will beincorporated into our soon to be published Sixth Form Prospectus. When the Sixth Form opens in September, 2016, the first 150 students admitted will be from the current Year 10, followed by 150 Year 9 students the following September.

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Business As Usual

The above photographs show highlights of life at Trinity last week. With only a relatively light fall of snow in central Manchester, school continued as normal. An important seasonal reminder, however, to keep the school “birdfeeders” full and to look after our feathered friends. Well done to our Year 9 girls’ basketball team who are the Manchester champions and now represent the city in the county finals. Just prior to the snowfall, the “earthwork and foundations” stage of our Sixth Form building project was continuing according to schedule and the “piling” rig should be operational later this week. A normal working week, therefore, and hopefully no more snow during the remaining winter months.

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Winter Warmer Menu

Last Thursday lunchtime, our themed lunchtime specials proved extremely popular in the Greer canteen. Mr Clegg and his catering colleagues had devised a range of options intended to appeal to all tastes including squash stew, beef hotpot, glazed ribs and chickpea tagine.In addition, our normal menu was on offer, creating a mouth watering assortment of seasonal specialities. After lunch, our students are able toplay football or basketball outside or spend time in the learning resource baseplaying chess, draughts, reading, completing homework or using the computers for research and further study - as the pictures on the next page show.

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Forthcoming Events