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Wednesday 18th July 2018 - Week B | email | e-learning

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LRB LogoLearning Resource Base

Trinity LRB is more than just a school library, its resources are expanding all the time.

Find DVDs, CDs and games, as well as a computer system that will allow you to search the catalogue and manage your borrowing online.


  • Eclipse Search all books and resources available in the LRB.
  • What would you like to see in your LRB? If you have any suggestions for improvements to the LRB, ideas for clubs,events and competitions, or if there’s a book you think we should definitely have that we’re missing, please email the details to

How do I Borrow Books?

All pupils at Trinity are automatically registered with the LRB computer, so it is simply a case of coming in, choosing a book, and taking it to the issue desk to be loaned out. It couldn’t be easier!

How do I Find Books?

Fiction (stories)

Our fiction books are in alphabetical order of author surname. The labels on the spines of the books can be used to speed up your search. They show the FIRST THREE LETTERS of the author’s surname. For example, the first author is Peter ABRahams, books by Philip PULlman come after Terry PRAtchett’s, and Jacqueline WILson’s books are found towards the end of the section, a few shelves before Benjamin ZEPhaniah’s.

Non-fiction (facts and information) – These books are arranged according to the Dewey Decimal System. They have numbers on their spines instead of letters and run from 000 to 999.

Here is how non-fiction subjects are broken down:

Generalities – general encyclopaedias and yearbooks
Philosophy & psychology
Religion – bibles
Social sciences
Natural sciences & mathematics
Technology (Applied sciences)
Arts, crafts and sport
Geography & history


You can use the listing by clicking on the following link

To search (press ctrl+f) for a specific subject and find out where you need to look. When the Eclipse catalogue appears online, things will be much simpler: you will be able to search by keyword and find out exactly what we have and where it is!


Note: not all non-fiction books can be borrowed; some are for reference only and must remain in the LRB.

Opening times

The LRB is open before school until 8.25am, and in the afternoon from 3.05pm to 4.30pm. It is also open every morning break between 11.00am to 11.15am and every lunch break.

The LRB is supervised at all times by a member of staff.




Borrow up to three books for three weeks at a time. We have a great selection of fiction and graphic novels that we want to make even better – come and have a look! If there’s something you think we should have that we haven’t, put it in an email to



Manchester Evening News, Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Independent and Times newspapers are delivered to the LRB daily.



The computers in the LRB are available for use at breaktimes, before and after school and for one lunch break every day.

A member of staff is always present to provide support.



The LRB has a supply of pens, pencils, rulers, rubbers, sharpeners, protractors, compasses, ink cartridges, plastic wallets and calculators, all for sale at low prices. We also have a limited number of scientific calculators available for lending.


CDs and DVDs

We have a selection of films and audiobooks (books on CD) for students to borrow. Audiobooks are loaned in the same way as books, but DVDs are overnight loans, and carry a 50p-per-day fine if brought back late.

The Rules of the LRB

  • If you can't find what you need, ASK!
  • If you take books off the shelves, you must put them back in the right place
  • Computers are to be used for school work – people found on game or proxy sites will be banned
  • Treat all resources with respect. For example, look after the books and use a bookmark instead of folding page corners down
  • No food and drink (that includes chewing gum)
  • No running
  • No shouting
  • Always put your chairs tidily under you desks when you leave

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