Wednesday 18th July 2018 : Week B    

Trinity Church of England High School, Manchester: Exam Timetables
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Wednesday 18th July 2018 - Week B | email | e-learning

Exam Timetables

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Year 11


Date Start Time Title Paper Duration Start Time Title Paper Duration
30/04/2018 Mon 4A BTEC Acting Unit 1 20512E 2h max        
14/05/2018 Mon 9am ICT.Single.Award. 5IT01 1h30 Mon 1pm RE.Paper.1. 1RB0/1 1h45
BTEC.Health.&.SC. 20544E 1hr        
Computing.Paper.1. J276B/1 1h30        
15/05/2018 Tues 9am French.Listening.F.  8658/LF 35mins Tues 1pm Comb.Sci.Biol.1. 8464/B/1 1h15
French.Listening.H.  8658/LH 45mins        
French.Reading.F. 8656/RF 45mins   Trip.Sci.Biol.1. 8461/1 1h45
French.Reading.H. 8656/RH 1hr        
16/05/2018 Wed 9am PE.Paper.1. 1PE0/1 1h45 Wed 1pm RE.Paper.2. 1RB0/2 1h45
17/05/2018 Thur 9am Comb.Sci.Chem.1. 8464/C/1 1h15 Thur 1pm Computing.Paper.2. J276B/2  
Trip.Sci.Chem.1. 8462/1 1h45        
18/05/2018 Fri 9am French.Writing. 8658/W 1h15 Fri 1pm PE.Paper.2. 1PE0/2 1h15
Week 2
21/05/2018 Mon 9am       Mon 1pm      
22/05/2018 Tues 9am Eng.Lit.Paper.1. 8702/1 1h45 Tues 1pm Geog.Unit.1.  8035/1 1h30
23/05/2018 Wed 9am Applied.Business. A241 1h30 Wed 1pm Comb.Sci.Phys.1. 8464/P/1 1h15
          Trip.Sci.Phys.1. 8463/1 1h45
24/05/2018 Thur 9am Maths.Paper.1. 8300/1 1h30 Thur 1pm      
25/05/2018 Fri 9am Eng.Lit.Paper.2. 8702/2 2h15 Fri 1pm Electronic.Products. 45401 2hr
          Textiles.Technology. 45701 2hr
  Week 3
04/06/2018 Mon 9am History.Paper.1 8145/1 1h45 Mon 1pm      
05/06/2018 Tues 9am Eng.Lang.Paper.1. 8700/1 1h45 Tues 1pm Geog.Unit.2. 8035/2 1h30
06/06/2018 Wed 9am Spanish.Listening.F. 8698/LF 35mins Wed 1pm Music.Unit.3. 1MU0/3 1h45
Spanish.Listening.H. 8698/LH 45mins        
Spanish.Reading.F. 8698/RF 45mins        
Spanish.Reading.H. 8698/RH 1hr        
07/06/2018 Thur 9am Maths.Paper.2. 8300/2 1h30 Thur 1pm      
08/06/2018 Fri 9am Eng.Lang.Paper.2. 8700/2 1h45 Fri 1pm History.Paper.2. 8145/2 1h45
Week 4
11/06/2018 Mon 9am Comb.Sci.Biol.2. 8464/B/2 1h15 Mon 1pm Geog.Unit.3. 8035/3 1h15
Trip.Sci.Biol.2. 6861/2 1h45        
12/06/2018 Tues 9am Maths.Paper.3. 8300/3 1h30 Tues 1pm      
13/06/2018 Wed 9am Comb.Sci.Chem.2 8464/C/2 1h15 Wed 1pm      
Trip.Sci.Chem.2. 8462/2 1h45        
14/06/2018 Thur 9am Spanish.Writing. 8698/W 1h15 Thur 1pm Food.Prep.&.Nutrition. 8585/W 1h45
15/06/2018 Fri 9am Comb.Sci.Phys.2. 8464/P/2 1h15 Fri 1pm      
Trip.Sci.Phys.2. 6863/2 1h45        
Week 5
18/06/2018 Mon 9am       Mon 1pm      
19/06/2018 Tues 9am Graphic.Products. 45501 2hr Tues 1pm      
20/06/2018 Wed 9am       Wed 1pm      
21/06/2018 Thur 9am       Thur 1pm      
22/06/2018 Fri 9am Product.Design. 45551 2hr        



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