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22nd June 2018


Archbishop of York Award Scheme

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Earlier this month, 7NBA had their first bake off with a selection of baked goodies to indulge on including a remarkable NBA Skittles cake baked by Ella Jones. The judges, Miss Bansal and Miss James, particularly enjoyed the event and decided that all 8 bakers who participated would be given the privilege of baking again but for the whole school. Their delicacies were on offer to buy at a charity bake sale that was hosted by 7NBA at break time on Wednesday, 20th June. The bake sale forms part of the Archbishop of York award scheme the form are currently involved with and all proceeds of the sale will be donated to the Young Minds charity.

Sports Day

Last Thursday, our annual sports day was held at Sports City regional athletics track. The day was full packed with competitive track and field events as well as a range of fun events. 

In the competition, the forms finished in the following order:

Year 7

8th REM, 7th PIA, 6th AHT, 5th BLA, 4th FAL, 3rd BLW, 2nd GGR, 1st and winners for 2018 NBA.

Year 8

8th: DHE, 7th STR, 6th PBA, 5th KTH, 4th AUZ, 3rd ESC, 2nd SWR, 1st and winners for 2018 SMC.

Year 9

8th JPL, 7th SLA, 6th MKI, 5th AGO, 4th GSH, 3rd LBA, Joint winners for 2018 CJO and DNE.

Year 10

8th RGO, 7th RMO, 6th SCL, 5th ADT, 4th GSC, 3rd RDU, 2nd RCO, 1st and winners for 2018 TCA.

All of the forms scores were then added together for house points:

4th place: Tiger House

3rd place: Wallaby House

2nd place: Springbok House

1st Place and 2018 winning house MAPLE

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Breaking Through

From Course Director of KS5 Science, Dr Alnuamaani:

“Students from Year 7 have formed a group called “Breaking Through”. Throughout the year they have been working with members of Manchester University’s widening participation team and a local charity called Reclaim, to break down barriers that might affect their chances of successful exam results and career choices in the future. The Reclaim team was ran by former Trinity student, Terry Manyeh. The students have spent time at the University learning about different career options and what will make them succeed in the future. They have also explored what might be holding them back. This term’s work culminated in the students presenting a special assembly to fellow students and staff about a career that interested them or a story in the media that has inspired them. Students choose a range of topics to present from the search for exoplanets to the injustice seen during the Stephen Lawrence case. Terry said that working with Trinity students has been the highlight of his career so far.

Students said;

  • ‘I have learned how to work in a group and gained confidence, I also improved in my big tests and I understand more what I want to be when I get older.’ Adedoyin Bajulaiye - 7NBA.
  • ‘I have learned how to express myself more and I’ve become more confident. I talk more and work harder. Lastly, I’ve developed soft skills and how to speak in big crowds which I thought I’d never do!’ Maisha Ishaaq - 7NBA
  • ‘Before ‘Breaking Through’ I got below my expected grade, now I’ve started this, I get above my expected grade- At first I got 3s, now I get 5s!’ Tom Vaughan - 7NBA.

The students were brilliant during their assembly and received certificates from Stephanie Lee, the Head of Widening participation at Manchester University. They will continue to be part of the “Breaking Through” group all the way until Year 11.”

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And finally...

...please note, due to the Year 11 Final Assembly on Thursday, 28th June, there will be an early closure at 2.05pm for Years 7-10 students on this day.


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