Wednesday 18th July 2018 : Week B    

Trinity Church of England High School, Manchester: Exam Revision
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Wednesday 18th July 2018 - Week B | email | e-learning

Exam Revision

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Advice for Parents

  1. Focus on the task in hand. Talk about the topic and listen to your teenager. Engage them in conversation about the areas being covered.
  2. Together work out a reasonable amount of revision time and agree on a specific time of day for it – this should be adjusted in the Easter holidays.
  3. Support them by delivering regular drinks and snacks. Offer to test them.
  4. Look at the revision booklets, ‘Maximise Your Potential’, that were given to all Year 11 students in November, lots of practical advice for effective revision

Advice for Students

  1. Be a wiser reviser. Start NOW!
  2. Use different approaches when revising. Imagine yourself back in the classroom when the topic was taught. This engages other parts of the brain - your imagination and your visual sense – which can come to the rescue in the exam room when you are trying to remember details. Make it funny by copying your teacher’s movements or voice as you revise. Listen to music. Chop it all down into manageable chunks of information – use cards, post-its and mind-maps. You hold information in your memory if you read it and do something else with it. Try the 45/15 rule. Study for 45 minutes in every hour and then take a 15 minute break. Two to three hours is the maximum time that most people can study before they stop absorbing things.
  3. The night before the exam revise key points and summaries. It’s important to get a good night’s sleep and if you’ve looked at your revision cards before you nod off the information will stay in your mind.
  4. Psych yourself up! You need to focus and relax. Olympic athletes psych themselves up by daydreaming about winning and walking up to the podium to receive the gold medal. Visualise yourself achieving a goal. Picture yourself coming into school on Results Day and seeing excellent results. It’s easier to be confident about something you’ve seen happening.
  5. The big day has arrived and you’re in the exam hall. CALM DOWN. Use relaxation techniques to control your nerves. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Have a small lucky charm. Have the correct equipment in a clear pencil case or plastic bag. Do not have mobile phones or electronic devices about your person.


Suzanne Parker

Mentoring Coordinator


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Check The e-Resources For Specific Revision Materials

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