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Oct 22, 2021

Covid-19 Vaccinations

Covid-19 Statistics

This academic year has obviously been challenging regarding positive Covid-19 cases in school and students who are asked to self-isolate in response to being a ‘close contact’ of a positive cases.

In terms of total cases involving our community:

  • Covid-19 positive students – 126 / 1450 (8%)
  • Covid-19 positive staff – 38 / 190 (20%)

As you can see, the confirmed cases are more prevalent in our staff – probably likely due to staff being less likely to be asymptomatic.

Statistics also show that Years 7 and 11 were the years least affected with periods of self-isolation, but overall, just over 70% of students have had a period in isolation through contact tracing.

My thanks go to you as parents, who have supported our ‘measured’ response to contact tracing and also to our team in school – led by Ms Laming, our Student Services Manager, who have provided you with a prompt and efficient service.

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22nd July 2021 – Vol 37 | No 40