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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our readers. We’ve had a range of significant challenges to overcome this week, but I’m very pleased to inform you that our provision for vulnerable children and children of key workers is going very well – thanks to our teaching and cover assistants as well as other support staff.  In addition, I received the following feedback from a parent that our ‘remote’ provision was: : “…miles better than Lockdown 1. It was a massive help to have a clear start time and a fixed lesson schedule with teacher support on hand. Please pass on our thanks to all the teachers for all the enormous hard work they are clearly putting in. It’s really appreciated.” The receipt of some good news is always welcome.
The news on Tuesday that GCSE, AS and A-level exams are cancelled and that ‘Centre Assessed Grades’ are going to be used instead is very significant. As a result, we have withheld the Year 11 mock exam results grades as we would never want these to be confused with the final ‘Centre Assessed Grade’ that a student would receive – mocks are traditionally lower than final exam grades quite often by one or two grades. This generation of students needs filling with confidence for the future so we will make sure that whatever data is sent out, it is thoughtfully presented and offers encouragement and hope.


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8th January 2021 – Vol 37 | No 16